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MTR100: Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Southwest Electronic

Energy Corp.

Missouri City, TX

President & CEO: Len Benckenstein

Since 1964, SWE has been a pioneer in innovative energy solutions serving the needs of original equipment manufactur- ers in diverse ? elds such as oil and gas, oceanographic, mili- tary and remote. SWE has changed the game in subsea and oceanographic applications with SWE SeaSafe, SeaSafe II and SeaSafe-Direct, lithium-ion battery solutions that power subsea vehicles, control systems and oceanographic equip- ment safer and longer with four times the energy of a sealed lead acid battery. SWE leads downhole battery solutions with

Lithium primary battery packs for high temperature Measure- ment While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling

Teledyne CARIS (LWD) applications. SWE also provides custom battery solu-

Fredericton, NB, Canada tions for the exploration of the earth’s oceans by powering the infrastructure, vehicles and buoys that collect needed data.

President & CEO:Michel Stanier

To provide safe and reliable subsea battery solutions, SWE designed the SeaSafe Direct Battery Module,which can go directly into the water leaving the subsea pressure vessel and oil case behind.The battery is engineered pressure tolerant to 6000 meters depth, enclosed in ? ame-retardant urethane, and

For more than 35 years, Teledyne CARIS has designed soft- ready for complete water submersion, with built-in subsea con- ware for the marine GIS community. Developed in cooperation nectors for power and communications. SeaSafe can reliably with hydrographic clients and universities, the CARIS toolset power subsea AUVs, ROV sleds, control electronics, electric provides clients with resource optimization and a true opera- motors, and sensors supporting subsea surveys, workovers, tional advantage. Known for its Ping-to-Chart solution, CA- inspections, and maintenance operations. SeaSafe batteries in-

RIS’ comprehensive portfolio of products, from the processing clude SWE’s patented battery management system (BMS). The of the echo-sounder ping, to the production and distribution of

BMS within each module has the brainpower to assure safe, the chart have enable the charting of hundreds of thousands of reliable operation and prolong battery life with automatic and nautical miles of ocean and waterways around the globe. The continuous safety protection, charge control, balancing, and newest product in the toolset, CARIS Onboard, is a near real- available state of health reporting. Rechargeable with a stan- time and autonomous data processing package which has been dard power supply, SeaSafe Smart modules are easy to use bat- developed with autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and tery system building blocks. The modules are easily connected unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) in mind. This solution acts in series and parallel to meet voltage and capacity (Ah) needs. as a force multiplier when used on survey vessels by ? tting

Additional components to support SWE SeaSafe include the seamlessly into the Ping-to-Chart suite of software, and reduc-

Diode OR-ing Module and the SeaSafe Observer Software, ing the overall product creation timeline. Not only renowned to observe the status of the battery in real time. Woods Hole for its product, but also for outstanding customer service, Tele-

Oceanographic Institution worked with SWE during SeaSafe dyne CARIS offers a comprehensive level of support through development, utilizing it in the Nereid UI Hybrid ROV and training sessions and consulting, online technical support, other vehicles. SeaSafe II and SeaSafe-Direct received a Cer- email and multilingual telephone support.

ti? cate of Design Assessment from ABS in December 2017.

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