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MTR100: Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Shark MarineShark MarineShark Marine

St. Catharines, ON, Canada

Canada-based Shark Marine Technologies Inc., founded in a time. In 2017, Shark Marine Technologies Inc. became in- 1984, develops equipment and technologies for some of the volved in another high-pro? le expedition when it was contact- most elite military and law enforcement agencies across the ed to participate in the “Raise the Arrow” search for lost CF- globe, search and recovery organizations, scienti? c research, 105 Avro Arrow aircraft models in Lake Ontario off of Prince survey ? rms, commercial diving, as well as ? lm production Edward County. With one of Shark Marine’s Barracuda ROV companies. deployed from Shark’s survey vessel, a team from Shark Ma-

The company supplies diver held sonar and navigation sys- rine along with Scarlett Janusas Archaeology Inc. were able tems, diver delivery systems, software, remotely operated ve- to inspect 81 of the targets provided by Kraken Sonar’s team hicles (ROV) and accessories, sonar systems, magnetometers, in eight days using Shark Marine’s Total Navigation System, tether management solutions, video systems, connectors as Forward Looking Sonar and HD Video.

well as other custom solutions for customers on all continents The Divers Certi? cation Board of Canada presented the and in every ocean. company’s CEO, Jim Garrington, with the 2017 Technical

Since 2014, Shark Marine has supplied equipment for navi- Excellence Award for his many contributions to advancing gation and diver transport to assist in NASA’s Extreme Envi- technology for divers and the diving industry, from the ? rst ronment Missions Operations (NEEMO) projects, which send helmet mounted cameras to modular ROVs to today’s under- groups of astronauts, engineers and scientists to live in the water diver held systems used by military, police, scientists undersea research station Aquarius for up to three weeks at and commercial divers worldwide.

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