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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Cui Weicheng, Shanghai Ocean University oices ibles, upgraded from a 2-man to a 3-man crew. Dr. Wu has now, with Rainbow? sh, to employees.

negotiated contracts with Five-star hotels in beautiful ocean With a commitment to global sustainability and academic side locations to operate tourist submarines as a way of raising collaboration, Cui has assembled an advisory board of some immediate capital. They will be operated and maintained by of the world’s most preeminent ? gures in deep ocean science

Rainbow? sh employees. and technology, including Bathyscaph Trieste pilot #1 Dr. Don

Rainbow? sh has also embarked on design and construction Walsh, Dr. Sylvia Earle who brings her Ocean Everest advo- of twin 4-man 6km rated submersibles, similar to the Russian cacy, Russia’s MIR Program Director Dr. Anatoly Sagalevich,

MIRs, for possible use in China’s mining claim in the Clari- DEEPSEA CHALLENGER co-designer and explorer James on-Clipperton Zone (CCZ) manganese nodule ? elds. Cui has Cameron, WHOI’s Andy Bowen, Newcastle University’s Dr. allocated some of his attention to advising this experienced Alan Jamison, Scripps Institution’s Dr. Douglas Bartlett, and team as well. other distinguished scientists and engineers.

Supporting Cui’s imperatives, the Chinese government is In addition to starting the HAST program at Shanghai Ocean building a dedicated pier and breakwater for his large mother- University, Cui is advising a start-up group founding Westlake ships to operate near the Rainbow? sh production facility in University, the ? rst private university in China. He has been the port city of Ningbo-Zhoushan. appointed as a chair professor beginning Sept.1, 2018. “It will

Cui extends his in? uence in innovative theoretical and en- be like CalTech in Los Angeles,” Cui said. Both Chinese uni- gineering approaches to advanced ocean technology by shar- versities will support the HAST program in the future.

ing his ideas with PhD candidate students, junior faculty, and At Commencement exercises at Shanghai Ocean University

In development, the Rainbow? sh 3-man 11km hadal submersible.

Image: Professor Cui Weicheng, Shanghai Ocean University

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