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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Castrol Control Fluid


QPS’ Qimera 1.7.2

Processed Points ? le formats. SVPs can be enabled and disabled as desired. The Watts using up to a 30% duty cycle, now be exported as ASCII, Caris, and processing is not complicated and leads or 200 Watts maximum for continuous

Hypack formats. This functionality is to interesting analysis. The multibeam operation. The MassaSonic TR-1055 available from the Export dropdown sonar is from R2Sonic and it provides Family of Transducers was developed menu. Hypack version 3 SVPs can now multifrequency soundings in a way for the oceanographic community for be imported. Version 3 of this format that’s easy to work with. Transmit fre- high-power, deep-water transponder ap- includes the SVP position, previous ver- quency cycles from 100 to 200 to 400 plications covering the frequency range sions did not. Certain Processed Points KHz (then repeats), changing every from 8-16 kHz. The transducers employ ? le, such as FAU and LAS, can now ping. MBMAX64 now supports R2Son- lead zirconate titanate as the active ele- have data excluded from import when ic multi-frequency depth data, with ment contained within an oil-? lled butyl they are brought into Qimera. This re- color-coding and frequency enable / dis- rubber housing which is attached to a sults in smaller QPDs and less display able capabilities. Volume comparison hard coated (anodic) aluminum mount- clutter for nuisance soundings that users between frequencies shows what can be ing ? ange.

may not want to see at all. Filter options done with MBMAX64 / HYPACK TIN vary between ? le types. Images linked MODEL and the R2Sonic multifrequen- Castrol Control Fluid to an ENC feature are now separated cy sonar. Castrol launched its next-gen subsea by a semi colon rather than a comma. control ? uid, Castrol Transaqua SP, a

Omniviewer will now correctly read the formulation designed to simplify sub-MassaSonic: Command the surface sound speed from GSF ? les that sea operations and offer enhanced sys-Ocean - Harness the Sound have new sensor speci? c subrecords. The MassaSonic TR-1075 Series con- tem protection. Castrol Transaqua SP is sists of rugged high-power underwater designed to be compatible with a wide

MBMAX64 Multifrequency transducers designed to operate in the range of elastomers, plastics, metals and

Update 2.5 to 10 kHz frequency range. They completion ? uids. This compatibility

HYPACK’s multibeam editor has been are ideal for use in bottom mapping and with completion ? uids is especially im- updated for multiple frequency surveys. sub-bottom pro? ling applications. The portant during well installation activi-

Soundings can be color-coded by fre- transducers are designed to be driven ties, when ? uid mixing may occur po- quency and individual frequencies can with a maximum input power of 600 tentially leading to line blockages.

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