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Acoustic Doppler Sonar Technologies ADCPs and DVLs

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Jonathan Heastie, Reed Exhibitions oices rine pollution and environmental stressors and the tools and give to OI visitors to come out to the San Diego event?

techniques needed to address and mitigate these challenges; In simple terms, we’re delivering the world’s ? agship event plus, at the time of writing, we are close to ? nalizing a very as a dedicated regional edition for those across the Americas interesting new workshop about advanced image analysis and to meet, learn and see the latest technologies. The London

A.I. Check out the website in the coming months for more event regularly attracts a healthy proportion of North Ameri- information on this and the other great content on offer. can visitors, but this Americas event brings together ? ve times

On the exhibit hall ? oor, there are plenty of new features more people, and adds in those from Latin America and the unique to the Americas event to help attendees, including a Caribbean too. Many people can’t afford the time and cost

Marine Institutes pavilion hosted by Scripps and welcom- of crossing the pond to London, but San Diego is a far easier ing at least 10 institutes and academic hubs from around the proposition for most – and delightfully warm in February! –

Americas; a brand-new Future Tech Hub showcasing some which is why we generate a sizeable 98% unique audience to of the newest technology seen since the last show, and many this new event. What a great chance to make brand-new con- from small, innovative companies which don’t often exhibit; tacts, learn new things and ? nd that all-important innovation and we’re currently drawing up plans for a new “Meet the you never knew about! We are thrilled to play such an impor-

Buyer”-style program of networking events with attendees tant role in the global market, connecting tens of thousands from the Navy and related Government agencies, marine sci- of ocean professionals to help them improve their strategies ence, offshore energy, ports and more. for measuring, developing, protecting and operating in the world’s oceans. Our next event in this global calendar is San

The exhibition and conference schedule – as you know Diego in February, and I extend an open invitation to anyone better than any – is crowded. Assuming that you will at- and everyone who wishes to play a role in shaping the science tract the same high-level quality and quantity of exhibi- and technology needs of the Blue Economy, and sharing in tors, what are the most compelling reason(s) you can that exciting journey.

Oceanology International turns ‘50’ th

As Oceanology International gets set to celebrate its 50 2019 in San Diego, the second to print in conjunction with

Anniversary milestone, Marine Technology Reporter is the January/February 2020 edition of MTR and distribute th partnering with Reed Exhibitions to produce a pair of “50 at Oceanology International in London.

Anniversary Special Editions”, the ? rst to print in con- For information on participating in these junction with the January/February 2019 edition of MTR special editions, contact Rob Howard at: and distribute at Oceanology International North America

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