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Acoustic Doppler Sonar Technologies ADCPs and DVLs

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Left: Sistac Diver ready for action.

The main objective of the Ef? ciency Project is to seek to tomers and through continuous search for ef? ciency. We will optimize the use of company resources through: conscious work very hard on these themes to continue in our trajectory consumption of inputs; search for better suppliers with more of growth,” said Gutterres. According to Marcos Passos, Com- competitive prices and re? ection on the ways in which activi- mercial Director and of Sistac’s New Businesses, the econom- ties are currently carried out. The Ef? ciency Project focuses ic crisis and political context of Brazil negatively in? uenced on our costs and expenses, except personnel costs and expens- the oil and gas market and many companies have suffered this es,” said Gutterres. impact.

The Ef? ciency Project will act in waves. The ? rst wave will Even with this turbulent scenario, Sistac remained stable focused on the most relevant costs and expenses, which rep- and managed to extend three contracts with Petrobras: ser- resent about 80% of the total, and the second wave focuses on vices such as industrial climbing, diving contracts and imple- the remaining 20%. The ? rst wave is already underway and menting services with divers and ROV with support from the second wave began in the second half of 2017. In addition, Sistac Esperança. In addition, we signed two more diving the Ef? ciency Project is subdivided into nuclei, each with a contracts (long-term), one with a new customer, Equinos (for- person responsible for monthly monitoring of the evolution mer Statoil), and another with Ensco. These achievements of the initiatives that are operated by the owners of packages, are a re? ection of the value of the company, together with the which is a grouping of costs and expenses with similar charac- commitment of all employees and quality of our services. The teristics. The Ef? ciency Project attained the goal of achieving commitment from everyone was instrumental in getting this a reduction of more than $800,000) in 2017. positive result during the crisis. Sistac has over two million “In an unstable political and economic scenario, such as professional diving hours to its credit, along with over 2,000

Brazil faces now, I believe that the company should prepare offshore interventions by its vessel. The company is present to continue growing by seeking to operate safely, explore the in the Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo Basins, along with high quality of our services, focus on the needs of our cus- Basins in Northeast of Brazil.

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