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laser systems, and chemical sensors — imply uncertainty in portable AUV that can be dropped from airplanes.

production. Some companies, like France’s ECE, appear to have an AUV for every mission: an imaging A18-E; the ma- Convergence neuverable, twin-hull A18-TD for “homeland” surveillance; a According to a Douglass-Westwood AUV forecast, military man-portable A9-s and about a dozen others. Like its competi- AUV demand will provide the largest market through to 2022. tors, perhaps, ECE sells the mission: wide-area surveillance; As AUV missions mushroom, military procurement will ac- search and rescue, seabed scans mine detection. count for 72 percent of all demand and will grow 10 percent per year. The research sector is seen experiencing limited

Size disruptor growth in that time. The complexity and long planning ho-

While building a different AUV for every scienti

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