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suite with upgraded SAS processing, sidescan sonar imagery, navigation, 200m bottom-lock DVL, precise and repeatable bathymetry, sub-bottom profler, camera, laser, magnetome- measurements and low drag side scan and bathymetry trans- ter, turbidity and diverse environmental sensors for i.e., meth- ducers. Man portable, sealed sections can be easily shipped ane and CO2 measurement, ensure that the new HUGIN is as on common carriers without the concern of hazardous goods ready for feld development surveys and pipeline inspection as shipping and no vacuum required. The Iver4 is part of a fam- it is for environmental monitoring or wreck searches. ily of UUVs that address a wide variety of missions, including commercial and defense applications such as long range sur-

L3 OceanServer’s Iver4 vey, multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnais-

L3 OceanServer’s Iver4 is built to complete longer missions sance (ISR), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), seabed warfare with accuracy and ease. The new 300-meter workhorse sys- and mine warfare. Specialized missions can be completed tem features a streamlined design for extended duration capa- using the Iver4’s wet-pluggable connectors and swappable bility: 40 nautical mile range with rechargeable NiMH battery payloads, including user-defned payloads. The Iver4 offers a system (additional power options available). Constructed of broad range of innovative technologies that enable operators durable titanium and carbon fber, the Iver4 comes equipped to execute demanding missions with confdence.

with tracking and safety communications, high accuracy

Kongsberg’s new HUGIN Superior

Forum’s new eROV

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L3 OceanServer’s Iver4: A 300m Workhorse

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L3 OceanServer

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