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I know it’s still early, but there is a general good feeling that 2019 will be a rebound year for a number of maritime, offshore and sub-

NEW YORK 118 E. 25th St., New York, NY 10010 sea sectors , particularly in the offshore energy markets, which

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Expo and in New Orleans for Underwater Intervention, and there

Tel: (561) 732-4368; Fax: (561) 732-6984 is a palpable feeling of good things to come. Next up is Oceanol- ogy International Americas 2019 in San Diego, the second edition of this Oi brand in San th

Diego, and it is signifcant as it is a 50 anniversary celebration for Oi, which debuted in


John C. O’Malley 1969 in Brighton, England. In select copies of this edition you will fnd a commemorative [email protected] th “Oi 50 Anniversary” publication which tracks the evolution of not only the iconic exhibi- tion and conference, but also the parallel trajectory of subsea technology. (If you don’t see

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Gregory R. Trauthwein a copy with your edition, drop me a line on my email below and I’ll send one out).

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This project, which will culminate in a second commemorative publication to be produced with the March 2020 edition of MTR and distribute at Oi London 2020, was par-

Contributing Writers

Justin Manley, U.S. ticularly instructive as it clearly demonstrates the leaps and bounds in this sector. Special

Elaine Maslin, Aberdeen thanks goes out to Elaine Maslin for her months-long effort to produce the main feature,

Tom Mulligan, Ireland

Claudio Paschoa, Brazil as well as thanks to Kevin Hardy, a regular contributor in our pages, for his personal and

William Stoichevski, Oslo thorough narrative, starting on page 10, covering the industry’s development from the start of his career in 1972.

Production Manager

Irina Vasilets

Starting the year with our ‘vehicles’ is most appropriate, as surface and subsea vehicles [email protected] of every shape and size remain central to the work being done in, on and under waterways

Production & Graphic Design around the world. This edition is packed with news, insight and analysis of the ever-evolv-

Nicole Ventimiglia ing sector, starting on page 26 with Justin Manley’s overview of signifcant technological [email protected] milestones of the past 25 years.

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