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Preview OiA 2019 and strategies, the ? oor will then be the global database. We certainly are not handed over to six panellists who will alone in our ability to participate, and each deliver a short presentation elabo- there is tremendous potential for organ- rating upon various aspects of Seabed isations to engage in a way that bene? ts 2030, its connection to the UN Decade their businesses, agencies and stake- of Ocean Science for Sustainable Devel- holders, while also doing good for the opment and the role of industry in both. planet as whole.”

The panellists will include Dr Vicki In addition to the Seabed 2030 techni-

Ferrini, Research Scientist at Columbia cal track, OiA ‘19’s ample conference

University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Ob- schedule will encompass other detailed servatory and Head of the Atlantic and tracks on topics including Ocean ICT;

Indian Ocean Regional Centre of Sea- Unmanned Vehicles, Vessels and Robot- bed 2030, who will represent the Sea- ics; Observation and Sensing; Marine bed 2030 Project Team and provide an Pollution and Environmental Stressors; overview of the project. “This will be Navigation and Positioning; and Hy- my ? rst Oi event,” Dr Ferrini said, “and drography, Geophysics and Geotech-

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to nics. Meanwhile, on Monday, 25 Feb- learn from attendees and make new con- ruary 2019, the one-day Ocean Futures

Color coded bathymetry show- nections. Mapping the global ocean can Forum will draw upon the combined ex- ing sunken vessel on sea? oor. only be achieved by working together, perience and acumen of business heads at a variety of scales and across different and senior strategists to examine com- sectors of the maritime community. We pelling technological concerns for the need an all-hands-on-deck approach and future of a sustainable Blue Economy.

need to ensure that there are no barriers This will be followed in turn by an- to participating.” other one-day presentation, Catch The

Among the other panellists will be Next Wave: Frontiers Of Exploration

Fugro Geoscientist Dr Kelley Brumley. (Tuesday, 26 February). Throughout “Seeing the sea? oor in total will change the day, speaker pairings of scientists the way we think about aspects as large- and explorers will discuss the closely scale as plate tectonic reconstructions intertwined destinies of their respec- and ocean circulation, to smaller-scale tive ? elds of expertise, illustrating the elements such as plankton migration many ways in which exploration acts as and ? sh habitats.” a driver of technological advancement,

Dr. Brumley is emphatic about the sig- and vice versa.

Image courtesy Fugro Image courtesy Fugro ni? cance of Seabed 2030’s coordinated As delegates have come to rightly ex-

Color coded bathymetry of mapping objectives. “Without this proj- pect, the far-reaching remit of the con- multibeam data contributed ect, we would continue our hunt-and- ference program will be supported by an by Fugro from a recent transit peck methods; potentially harming our equivalent ambitiousness on the exhibi- that shows seamounts on the oceans in the process.” tion ? oor, with around 200 companies surrounding sea? oor.

The presentations will conclude with displaying a comprehensive range of a moderated Q&A session, and Dr Fer- technical and strategic breakthroughs to rini is con? dent of a positive outcome, an estimated 2,750 buyers and in? uenc- leading to a wider engagement with the ers from across the Americas and fur- project. “I am ? lled with optimism. We ence.” ther a? eld. “I extend an open invitation are transitioning into a new era of ba- “There is a ‘bathymetric community’ to anyone and everyone who wishes to thymetry, and I believe we truly have the that is passionate and proselytising,” play a role in shaping the science and potential to change the world. We are in adds Dr Brumley. “Fugro has been an technology needs of the Blue Econo- the midst of a technological revolution early supporter in this regard, advocat- my,” said Jonathan Heastie, OiA ‘19 as we move toward using more auton- ing on behalf of the Seabed 2030 project Exhibition Director, “and who wishes to omy in ocean sciences and in data sci- and actively contributing bathymetry to share in that exciting journey.”

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