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Salvors Lift Norwegian Frigate

Salvors used a unique lift method that combined two project, after it was called on by the Norwegian Navy to heavy lift vessels and four cranes to raise a Norwegian work alongside another salvage company BOA.

frigate that had become partially submerged following The salvage technique, which Scaldis calls the “Double a collision with an oil tanker off the coast of Norway Duo Lift method” combined two heavy lift vessels – in November. On November 8, 2018, Norwegian heavy Rambiz, equipped with two cranes and a total lifting frigate KNM Helge Ingstad collided with the tanker capacity of 3,300 metric tons, and the new heavy lift

Sola TS near Bergen, and sank on the inclined slope of a vessel Gulliver, also with two cranes and a total lifting fjord. The accident injured eight people and caused the capacity of 4,000 metric tons – creating a total combined temporary closure of the Sture Oil Terminal near Bergen total lifting capacity of 7,300 metric tons.

and the nearby Kollsness gas-and-condensate terminal,

More Photos and information can be found on: as well as several offshore ? elds. In order to lift the frig- ate safely and in one piece, Belgian salvage specialists salvors-norwegian-frigate-586722

Scaldis said it developed a lift method especially for this March 2019 8


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