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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Chris Gibson, VideoRay oices

Mission Specialist

Defender modules.

thinning out a bit. We design and manufacturer portable un- derwater technology that easily integrates with third party sensors, software and tooling. We realize there is not one so- lution that solves everyone’s problems, so we spend quite a bit of energy understanding what our customers are trying to do before we make recommendations – understanding that some- sometimes, our customers, equip an ROV with exactly what times we may recommend something other than a VideoRay it needs to do the mission in challenging conditions. For ex- solution. Most of the time a VideoRay ROV will do the job, ample: and we proudly deliver the systems with exceptional service • Maintenance and repairs typically done at the manu- support and reliability.

facturer or service center are easy and can now be done rap- idly and easily in the ? eld.

What technology do you see as the differentia- • The addition of navigation sensors and software add tor for VideoRay?

piloting autonomy features allows operation in challenging

In our 20 years of experience, we are uniquely quali? ed to conditions – even for less experienced operators. handle the toughest jobs – where deep, fast, and murky water • A single system can be upgraded easily in the ? eld – keep less expensive or recreational systems from performing for example, thrusters can be added to an existing system by a mission. We provide the vehicle, tools, and sensors needed to get the job done, and our modular approach lets us – or, simply mounting them and plugging them in.

Photo: VideoRay

Mission Specialist Pro 5 approaches an offshore rock in the Galapagos. Inset: The VideoRay

Mission Specialist Defender in the Galapagos out? tted with laser, sonar, and two cameras.

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