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Cold Comfort for Future


By Elaine Maslin

Data sharing and better understanding of how marine life interacts with man- made structures is the target for the next phase of the Insite program. hat to do with offshore structures is a sticky production has ceased, with some exceptions (platforms over problem for oil companies, regulators and a certain age and weight). But, some have argued that more policy makers alike, as many structures are should be left behind. However, little information has been

Wstarting to cease production in the North Sea, available on which to base such decisions, which cost the where some ? elds have been producing oil and gas since the public money (decommissioning is treated as an operational early 1970s. expense in the UK and as such is subject to tax relief) and

Regulations, which include the OSPAR (Oslo Paris con- could impact the environment (negatively or positively, where vention) state that a clear seabed should be left behind, once facilities are supporting increased marine life).

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