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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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paratory work, removing sections of the platform piece by piece and then

Ship Repair | Conversions | Drydocking taking them to shore, at Kværner Stord in Norway, either on the deck of the by people who care about returning your vessel by people who care about returning your vessel

S7000 or while still in the crane hooks, which is sometimes called “lift and to service on time and in budgetto service on time and in budget carry” – and not a common operation.

Normally, sections are lifted off and then transferred to barge, a process which can add time and complexity.

A key decision was removal of the ? are tip, which, at 163m above the sea, was the tallest in the North Sea, says

Christina Krachtoudi, topsides remov- al lead engineer for Saipem. A decision was made to leave it on, instead of add- ing operational hours offshore, and it being removed at the same time as the well bay it was attached to and being carried in the hook all the way back to shore. “This was an industry ? rst,” says Krachtoudi.

Cutting of the jacket was done by from a subsea construction vessel while the

Charleston, South Carolina heavy lift vessel was on site and had the jacket in the crane hooks. The jack- et was then transported to shore, partly submerged due to its weight, before being lifted onto a quayside to be cut up.

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