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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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GREENSEA will come to the Gulf of Mexico. Com- forward, we will build up 3D images of munication networks are expanding out particular ? elds and other locations. Vir- into the ? elds, as are improvements in tual reality is used on the surface, and satellite technologies. Adding to these its capabilities are expanding subsea. two are advancements in subsea wireless We are currently working on a project to technologies. These three components enhance subsea 3D imaging capabilities will open up a new theater of operations in real time. You cut out the data pro- for autonomy and remote operations. cessing so that the processing is done

Real-time data processing and subsea immediately. Looking for anomalies has imaging comprise another important historically been done post-processing, area – integrating the cameras and sen- which takes up time and involves extra sors to the ROVs to provide real-time vessel days and personnel days. If it can 3D imaging of structures that are com- be done on a real-time basis at the work- municated directly to engineers onshore site, then it’s going to be more ef? cient so they can then make asset-integrity and, of course, more cost effective.

decisions quickly. The images can also be built into a virtual reality environ- What evolution or improvement ment, effectively digitizing the ? eld to ROVs – the vehicle, control ele- and enhancing subsea navigation. Tra- ments, or accessories – would you ditional methods use sonar and acoustic most like to see?

navigation, but virtual reality is here and It’s a balance between hydraulic and becoming more advanced. As we move electric propulsion systems. We will see ®

OPENSEA provides a fully distributed, open architecture software framework for integrated robotic systems.




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