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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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March 2019 Voices


Volume 62 • Number 2 12 Chris Gibson

VideoRay’s ubiquitous VP of sales and marketing shares insights on

ROV market and tech trends.

By Greg Trauthwein

Offshore 26 What Goes Up ...

Must come down. Decommissioning used to be a dirty word. But cost are dropping as the market addresses challenges and opportunities.

By Elaine Maslin

Vehicles 12

VideoRay 34 Inside Oceaneering

Martin McDonald, SVP, ROVs,

Oceaneering, shares with MTR exclusive insights on the shape and direction of one of the world’s largest

ROV ? eets.

By Greg Trauthwein

Instrumentation 44 Current Pro? ling in China

China is investing mightily in maritime infrastructure, much of which requires subsea tech assistance.

AUVs 48 Seabed Surveillance

Enters Autonomy 34

Seabed deformation monitoring is moving into new realms of capability.

By Shaun Dunn

On the Cover 60 Deploy the Drones 54

Drones and coastal environmental management.

By Justin Manley 4 Editor’s Note 6 Authors in this Edition 8 Trending 18 Insights: SatCom 20 Insights: Decommissioning 20 Insights: Environmental 65 Tech Files 70 Ocean Business ‘19 79 Classi? ed 80 Advertisers Index Schmidt Ocean Institute Oceaneering International March 2019


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