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REMUS 6000 =

Unmatched Reliability

Te New Generation REMUS 6000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) has been redesigned for increased endurance and modularity, with a focus on the integration of the latest cutting-edge technology.

By Graham Lester, Senior Vice President, Hydroid, Inc.

The Hydroid REMUS 6000 is legendary as far as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) go. It has played a key role in several historic missions and discoveries and, as a result, has a reputation that speaks for itself. And, to continue this unrivaled heritage for unmatched reliability, Hydroid has recently announced the new generation version of this vehicle that is even more capable than it was before, while boasting the same proven software and electronic subsystems that are found in our highly successful REMUS 100

AUV. Key customer feedback was instrumental during the design and development of the REMUS 6000. The engineering team took advantage of miniaturized components to relocate the main electronics housing to the tail, freeing up space for a third battery


GXUDWLRQZLWKWKHÀH[LELOLW\WRSHUIRUPFRQWLQXRXVRSHUDWLRQVDQG the compact design of the vehicle requires minimal deck space.

Key Role In:

The REMUS 6000 also features low power core electronics, an

Search and recovery of many World advanced navigation suite and an open architecture platform for

War II wrecks including the USS advanced autonomy.

Indianapolis, a U.S. Navy heavy With the ability to add multiple payloads, the REMUS 6000 cruiser that was torpedoed by the


Japanese Navy during World War II.

including, but not limited to, a dual frequency side scan sonar,

Search for the wreckage of Amelia


Earhart’s plane.



Search and discovery of Air France


([SORUDWLRQRIWKH7LWDQLFVLWH The REMUS 6000 proven launch and recovery system (LARS)

LQFOXGLQJWKH¿UVW'LPDJHVRIWKH is designed to function off the stern of the ship but has the option

GHEULV¿HOG of side launch. This is a big advantage for ships of opportunity and

USS Indianapolis – Found by Vulcan, Inc. with their vessels where the stern is already in use with other systems. It can privately-owned REMUS 6000; Air France 447 search


REMUS 6000 vehicles from WAITT Institute and

GEOMAR; Amelia Earhart search led by WAITT edge technology, the new generation REMUS 6000 ensures deep

Institute with their REMUS 6000, Titanic survey led by


WAITT Institute with their REMUS 6000)

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