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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Nortek staff in China mobilizing the Signature VM package under the attentive eye of end user Wang Yan, Senior Manager of Hydrology at CCCC’s Zhongjiao

No.1 Hangwu Engineering Reconnaissance Design Institute. As Signature VM is a straightforward plug-and-play system for current surveying, the crew were able to sail out for a test survey after only approximately 30 minutes of setup.

CCCC & Nortek

CCCC’s hydrological surveyors have been using Nortek in- struments on a number of projects over the last 12 years, us- ing both Signature1000 and Signature500 acoustic Doppler current pro? lers (ADCPs) to provide hydrological data that informs construction of ports and offshore developments.

Deploying the instruments as part of Nortek’s Signature

VM package enables the company to obtain measurements in a diverse range of scenarios. These scenarios include cross- section, multi-point, velocity pro? le measurements and ? xed- point measurements for offshore platforms, ports, bridges and other structures in or near the sea, as well as establishing navi- gation parameters at speci? c locations at sea.

The integrated package is designed to ensure high data quali- ty and that both errors and initial installation time are reduced.

The ADCPs and the linked software provide accurate pro? les in conjunction with an Advanced Navigation GNSS compass mounted on the vessel, which provides navigation and head- ing data based on GPS. “Without this essential data, as well as the veri? cation of the mathematical model, the design and construction of ports and offshore developments would have no basis,” said Wang Yan,

Senior Manager of Hydrology of the Geotechnical Investiga- tion Division at CCCC’s Zhongjiao No.1 Hangwu Engineer- ing Reconnaissance Design Institute.

The company has become a leading force in the ? eld of coastal engineering construction in China. Since its establish- ment in 1958, it has been responsible for the survey and de- sign work behind more than 4,000 projects.

A Diversity of Sites

Wang said the Signature ADCP’s versatility makes it a good ? t for the company, since the hydrological conditions and op- erating requirements at its sites are complex and diverse. He said the Signature’s ability to work both at ? xed points and while navigating, and to record measurements both online or hina’s recent wave of infrastructure renewal has in- cluded a large portfolio of developments, such as ports as a self-contained unit, have proved invaluable.

The main task of Wang’s hydrology survey team is to ob-

Cand other developments, that have a subsea component.

Accurate, ef? cient and cost-effective current pro? ling is vital serve and analyze waves, tides and ? ows in different sea ar- eas, to issue related reports and to provide basic data for the in the successful implementation of major maritime projects.

design and model checking of major offshore projects. Its

Nortek has been able to play a role in this side of China’s eco- nomic revolution, through its collaboration with a subsidiary work focuses include long-term and short-term observations of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), of waves, ? xed-point currents, nautical ? ows, sediment con- a Fortune 500 listed ? rm that has been at the forefront of the centrations and tides.

Wang’s team has used the Signature VM package in a range infrastructure drive.

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