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Ocean Energy: Oil, Wind & Tidal

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Solving the Real Problem:

T e Subsea Business Model

By Sean Halpin, Aquanaut Product Manager, Houston Mechatronics e seem to be experiencing an underwater operators determined that they need to dramatically lower the technological renaissance. It’s extremely cost of doing business offshore. Many companies set goals exciting, but will this tranche of develop- to dramatically lower the cost of intervention and inspection ment allow us to solve the REAL problem work by 2020 or 2030. Nearly all of these plans require ser-

Wwe have in the industry? vice companies to lower their reliance on the ubiquitous (and

For the past few years the effects of the ‘downturn’ in oil very useful) vessel ? eet, because vessels are expensive.

and gas have dominated the industry’s technology roadmap. Most subsea businesses are hamstrung by vessels in oil and

After evaluating OPEX budgets nearly all offshore oil and gas gas. When these expensive assets appear on the balance sheet

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