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Ocean Energy: Oil, Wind & Tidal

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The ? rst phase of Virtual Residency will leverage the en- the service sector. Some will respond with incremental change abling technology’s ability to achieve a correspondency ratio and some will respond with transformational propositions. similar to warehouse robotics. This results in a lower logistics Regardless of the preference, it is evident that we all need to footprint for operations and a compensatory cost reduction. In change the way we perform work at sea.

the second phase of virtual residency, communication and ro- The future of the subsea industry is uncertain for all, but botic systems development will be integrated into operations there are a growing number of companies who are pressing to enable vehicle delivery to site ef? ciently and safely. ahead, laser focused on innovating new business models and

The customer base in oil and gas has sent clear signals to technology to truly ful? ll customer needs.

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