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Ocean Energy: Oil, Wind & Tidal

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April 2019 Case Study


Volume 62 • Number 3 16 The Tappen Zee

With Trimble Marine Construction

Systems and Teledyne Marine

Imaging, bridge deconstruction projects can now have pinpoint accuracy.

Business 24 The Subsea Model

While tech takes center stage, the author contends that the real problem is the subsea business model.

By Sean Halpin 24


Houston Mechatronics 30 Flying New Routes


North East England-based Modus

Seabed Intervention Limited is a relatively small business but its goals are ambitious and focused.

By Elaine Maslin

Markets 36 Mining for AUVs

In Europe there are signs that undewater mining is the next big market for AUVs, ROVs and Hybrids.

By William Stoichevski

Offshore Wind 42 The Making of a 30

Supply Chain Star

While offshore wind in the U.S. offers promise, the lack of a strong supply chain presents potential peril.

By William Stoichevski

Autonomous Systems 51 Changing the


Two projects using Liquid Robotics

Wave Gliders.

By Ryan Carlon 4 Editor’s Note 6 Authors in this Edition 8 Trending 10 Insights: Export Licensing Tips 12 Insights: Cables 20 Case Study: Save the Sea Stars 36 63 Classi? ed 64 Advertisers Index

EU UNEXMIN Project Modus Seabed Intervention April 2019 2


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