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Ocean Energy: Oil, Wind & Tidal

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Integral Features S?C100 Series

Fuel Cell System

Teledyne’s proven proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology provides excellent 4 efficiency and long life (>10,000 hrs.). The stack design is specifically tailored for operation with pure oxygen and includes design aspects 3 generated through years of experience with this technology. The fuel cell system features an 1 integrated balance-of-plant (BoP) with ejector driven reactant (EDR) technology for reactant recirculation. The BoP allows the fuel cell stack 3 to be fed reactants in a “dead-ended” 7 2 configuration maximizing energy delivery.


Reactant Storage

The fuel cell system is reactant storage 6 agnostic. Reactants can be suppplied via compressed gas, cryogenic, or solid-state reactant storage systems. The Subsea Power

Node is equipped with a compressed-gas reactant storage system. This storage system is

Specifications at a technology readiness level (TRL) of 9 and is commercially refillable.

EDR Fuel Cell Reactant Storage

Skid Details 3 1 6

System Module (H?/O?) • 1.6m X 1.6m X 1.5m • Modular to meet

High TRL • Minimal components energy and reactant for maximum • 1300 kg mass in air

Teledyne has a proven history of supplying high storage system reliability (500 kg wet) reliability fuel cells to NASA and other requirements • 8 kW power output • Marine recovery customers.

(per module)

Teledyne Benthos system available 4

Acoustic Modem • Module capable of

Electrical Output 7 processing > 30

For more information: MWh of energy

Subsea Tested • Voltage range: 5

Dr. Thomas I. Valdez

Components as specified • Operation at full

Chemical Systems Manager ocean depth • Teledyne ODI wet • Power: 1-8 kW mate connectors continuous output

Teledyne Energy Systems 10707 Gilroy Road

Hybridization / Power • Electrical power and 2

Hunt Valley, MD 21031-1311 U.S.A.

Conditioning Module data transfer

P: + 1.410.891.2372 P: + 1.410.771.8600

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