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Insignts Government Update


Governments are now using AIS in an innovative manner by creating virtual aids-to-navigation that provide an AIS signal to mark hazards to navigation in locations where a physical aid-to-navigation does not exist.

By Dennis Bryant

The Automatic Identi? cation System (AIS) was developed possibility of close encounters and the need to change course with the sole goal of improving maritime safety by allowing and/or speed. It would also make it easier for one ship to ships in proximity to one another to automatically exchange contact the other by radio-telephone to hopefully remove any information regarding their name, course, speed, type, cargo, doubt. To that extent, AIS has largely worked as intended, etc. The exchange of this information would allow conning although collisions continue to occur.

of? cers on each ship to make better decisions regarding the It did not take long, though, for governments to get involved.

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