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Underwater Defense Technology

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Anna Botting from Sky News shown while live on television using

BlueComm 200 UV ENGINEERED TO WITHSTAND to communicate YOUR ENVIRONMENT wirelessly subsea.


LED Light + Laser + Strobe 11,000 Lumens suf? cient separation in the wavelengths to limit interference between each unit

Adjustable LED 5-100mW and the depressor. The depressor was

Adjustable Laser submerged to 90m depth and was used

P/N#: SS182 mkII to communicate wirelessly with the two manned submersibles using the ?DsÐ?Ž?ÐŽYl?ŽuuGE?slSNsÐUG?uG??ÐŽY?lAYlÐ???GYl

BlueComms. With this arrangement, ?EŽAÐŽ??OÐYŽs?G?YŽGiGÐl?ŽYYGA?d??ŽYA??

Sky News presenter Anna Botting was ?GÐlS?AOYOŽI????w able to ? lm herself inside one of the ?D?uOÐuGusOSl??ÐAwG?AÐAYdGÐŽYl?ŽuuGEd?A?sYOuG?G?sAuÐŽ?l manned submersibles, using high de? - ?sOslAuŽ?AYAuŽOsYÐ?l?Ž?^^l?ŽdGsYÐ?l?

nition video, and transmit that data live

CAMERAS—LIGHTS—PAN & TILTS—CONTROLLERS—ENGINEERING to millions of homes around the planet with little, or no interference from the sun. The building blocks to support co- vert operations are ready and proven.

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