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April 2019 Discovery


Volume 62 • Number 4 14 Amazing New Views

Scientists aboard Schmidt

Ocean Institute’s research vessel

Falkor discovered and explored a hydrothermal ? eld at 2,000m depth in the Gulf of California.

Comms 20 Sound Off

Inside Dolphin, enabling technology for acoustic systems.

By Justin Manley, Just Innovation,

Michael Murphree & Greg Folts, both with QinetiQ North America 26

Defense (On the Cover)

Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute 26 Covert Comms

Tech that has helped to achieve world ? rsts in ocean exploration broadcasting could also provide the answer for covert operations in the defense realm, where communications need to go unheard.

By Ioseba Tena, Sonardyne

Offshore Renewables 40 Break a Wave

A new wave generated power device promises to deliver energy at utility scale. How? It creates its own waves.

By Greg Trauthwein

Subsea Engineering 40 48 By-pass Super Fast


When a troublesome pipeline beset with wax issues escalated into a blockage, new North Sea independent Chrysaor and Subsea 7 nimbly dealt with it, installing a 26km 48 bypass pipeline in just eight months – despite facing multiple issues on the way.

By Elaine Maslin 4 Editor’s Note 6 Authors in this Edition 8 Tech: New & Notable 10 Government Update: AIS Data 34 Defense: Brazilian Submarines 38 Defense: French Frigate Tech 54 Product: Comms, Telemetry, Data Processing 58 Product: Beacons, Flashers, Trackers 63 Classi? ed 64 Advertisers Index

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