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Images Courtesy RTSYS/French Navy

ABOVE: Old analog sonar on the left versus new console.

LEFT: New console working.

Image Courtesy French Navy/RTSYS as it works on various sides. First of all, it allows tremen- dous gain of time for Navies as the upgrade does not run for too long so the crew can quickly be back onboard. Secondly, the overall solution is cost-effective as we do not replace the

HMS and VDS transducers; only receivers, processors, com- puters, monitors and operating consoles are. Finally, crews gain skills while training: data from previous missions are logged into the AS3i and can be set to replay mode. Thanks to the mission simulator, users can generate acoustic training simulations to meet requirements such as submarine or tor- pedo detection in either active or passive modes”.

In addition to signal improvement this upgrade means that the frigates sonars have new aptitudes such as the ability to extract objects and pursue them. Besides, an automatic torpedo detection system running as a background process emits warning signals based on simple detection criteria to attract the operator’s attention. The operator nonetheless still decides whether or not to con? rm an alert. Implementing the

RTSYS solution will make these frigate sonars compatible with other digital measuring devices, so this will de? nitely enhance Navies’ onboard crew skills by letting them train more ef? ciently to Anti-Submarine Warfare and gain reactiv- ity in case of troubles. “This system is really easy and convenient to use and we provide constant technical support along with all necessary training to the crew so this technological upgrade goes really smoothly. After all this is what RTSYS partly does: improv- ing training capacities such as we already do with our SEMA

Training Target for Anti-Submarine Warfare,” Nicolas con- cludes.

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