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Products Beacons, Flashers, Trackers

SABIK MARINE is providing the Norwegian

Coastal Administration (Kystverket) with remote monitored LED lanterns for their coastal waters.

Image: Sabik software at Broadcast station and Cen- 3 to 31 nautical miles. They are ? tted

Remotely monitored tral station. Modems with phone lines with optical elements made from UV-

LED lanterns were used for communication between SABIK MARINE is providing the stabilized methacrylate, protected by

Broadcast station and central control Norwegian Coastal Administration impact-resistant acrylic lens covers and station. (Kystverket) with remote monitored include an optical system of maximum

In 1996 MX Marine developed a New LED lanterns for their coastal waters luminous ef? ciency, with a wide diver-

Generation of DGPS Broadcasting Sta- under agreement. The Norwegian coast gence range from 5º to 30º; as well as by tions Network. The network was devel- is known for its challenging conditions a user-friendly electronic control.

oped as per the relevant standards and and dif? cult-to-navigate waters and the recommendations of the RTCM (Radio remote monitoring solution integrated in

Technical Commission of Maritime all Sabik Marine products is being used

For further information visit

Services), IALA (International Asso- to reduce the operational challenges re- the following websites: ciation of Lighthouse Authorities), and garding the maintenance, positioning

ITU (International Telecommunications and monitoring of AtoN infrastructures.

Union). A paper (A New Generation of All SABIK MARINE beacons meet

DGPS Broadcasting Stations) was pub- current standards on vibrations, im- lished in ION (Institute of Navigation) pacts, mechanics and watertightness and conference in September 1988. A copy the company’s LED Flashing Lanterns of this paper can be downloaded from are manufactured with highly resistant publications menu. More than 90 such and heavy-duty materials, such as ? - systems are supplied by MX Marine and berglass polyamide, marine aluminum are in operation all over the world. or stainless steel, obtaining ranges from

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