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Underwater Defense Technology

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Manley Maslin Paschoa

Stoichevski Tena executive with experience in startups,

Folts Paschoa corporations, academia, and government.

Greg Folts is Director of Business Claudio Paschoa is MTR’s contributor

At Just Innovation Inc. he supports clients

Development for Maritime Systems at stationed in Brazil.

with a focus on unmanned systems.

QinetiQ North America. He has over 30 years experience in unmanned systems

Stoichevski and mine warfare as an engineer and a


William Stoichevski is an Oslo-based program manager for the US Navy. Folts Elaine Maslin is an offshore upstream and journalist reporting on maritime and has been engaged in the private sector renewables focused journalist, based in offshore energy topics for multiple New defense community, with a focus on Scotland, covering technologies, from well

Wave Media titles, including Marine unmanned systems and sonar technology intervention and asset integrity to subsea

Technology Reporter, Maritime Reporter & since 2007. robotics and wave energy.

Engineering News and Offshore Engineer.

Halpin Murphree


Sean Halpin is the Aquanaut Product Michael Murphree is the Communications

Ioseba (Joe) Tena is Global Business

Manager at Houston Mechatronics. He and Surveillance Technology Manager

Manager - Defense & Robotics at has signi? cant energy industry experience for Maritime Systems at QinetiQ underwater positioning, navigation and with previous leadership roles at Liquid North America. Michael has a wealth communications technology company

Robotics and DOF Subsea. of experience in undersea systems


engineering, software and automation as well as his current work with acoustic

Manley communications.

Justin Manley is a technologist and May 2019 6


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