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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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Horizon IMU to Complete the

Navsight Marine Solution

SBG Systems debuted the Horizon nology to the most demanding environ- indicators for satellite availability, RTK

IMU, a FOG-based high performance ments such as surveying highly dense as corrections, and power. It comes with a inertial measurement unit (IMU) de- well as applications where only a single rugged enclosure, or in a rack version signed for large hydrographic vessels. antenna can be used. Horizon IMU is for larger vessels.

Navsight Marine Solution consists in based on a closed-loop FOG technology Completing the Navsight offer, Qiner- a ready-to-use inertial navigation solu- which enables ultra-low bias and noise tia, the SBG post-processing software, tion dedicated to hydrographers. It is levels. This technology allows robust gives access to of? ine RTK corrections available at different levels of accuracy and consistent performance even in low from more than 7,000 base stations lo- to meet the various application require- dynamics survey. cated in 164 countries. Trajectory and ments and can be connected to vari- The Navsight solution is designed to orientation are then greatly improved by ous external equipment such as Echo- be easy to install, as the sensor align- processing inertial data and raw GNSS sounders, LiDAR, etc. Navsight Marine ment and lever arms are automatically observables in forward and backward

Solution are currently offered at two estimated and validated. Once con- directions. Computation takes less than levels of performance with the Ekinox nected to the Navsight processing unit, 3 minutes for a 6-hour log thanks to the and Apogee IMUs. These MEMS-based the web interface guides the user to Forward and Backward calculation pro-

IMUs address most of hydrographics con? gure the solution. A 3D view of the cessed at the same time. markets whether shallow or deep water. vessel shows the entered parameters so

The new Horizon IMU is designed to that the user can check the installation. navsight-marine-series/#navsight- allow users to bring the Navsight tech- The Navsight unit also integrates led marine-horizon-grade

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