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point. The launch of its Reach 5 Mini Inc also has the design and engineer- robotic arm represents a game changer ing capabilities to develop custom solu- for scientists, militaries and the oil and tions. Its new Oceanbotics division has gas industry. developed a cutting edge ROV System:

The last 12 months have seen signi? - the most agile and maneuverable in the cant change and growth for Blueprint market; as well as an associated ROV

Lab. First, it commercially launched its Navigation Solution. Its public safety ? agship product, the Reach 5 Mini, a division supplies pool safety products ? ve-function robotic arm in September for children and pets. Operating on a 2018. This unit has since achieved close global scale, RJE International Inc has to 20 sales in ? ve countries. In addition, established distribution points in more it achieved recognition by the Australian than 45 countries. government as a promising new tech- nology company through the award of

Copenhagen Subsea a $240,000 grant to accelerate commer-

Hellerup, Denmark cialization of its product line.

CEO: Allan Nygård Bertelsen

The company’s Reach 5 Mini builds

No. of Employees: 3 on patented modular design to create a highly durable, tough, and incredibly

The unique thruster technology of Co-

Copenhagen Subsea small ? ve-function manipulator, ca- penhagen Subsea A/S helps to reduce pable of performing dexterous subsea downtime and improve the success rate tasks including: precise placement of of subsea operations in several ways. Ten performance and energy consumption, probes for crack and corrosion monitor- years ago, the conventional hydraulic and any aberration is registered. When ing; placement and recovery of objects thruster was the only option for under- reaching the milestone of 1,000 operat- with minimized workload; sonar and water propulsion. Copenhagen Subsea ing hours, the thruster is examined and, camera scanning; and, underwater IED A/S saw that the market for underwater showing no signs of exhaustion or cor- countermeasures.

rosion, allowed to continue operation in propulsion was ripe for a substantial re- thinking of technology. In order to meet the test tank. The operational limit has

RJE International the industry’s new and higher demands yet to be explored since the thrusters at

Irvine, CA all times during and after the test have for reliable thrusters and decreased op- shown that they maintain full function-

President/CEO: Robert Jechart erating costs, the solution was to con-

No. of Employees: 14 struct a new product line of electrical ality and unaffected performance.

The rim-driven thruster is a tight inte- rim-driven thrusters. Building on the gration of motor parts within a housing.

Since 1991 RJE International Inc has innovative ring thruster technology, Co- been a leader in the underwater prod- penhagen Subsea A/S has been able to The electrical motor takes the form of uct world. Most recently, this ISO develop and manufacture four thruster a thin ring that has permanent magnets 9001:2015 certi? ed company has de- sizes – from VS as the smallest to VXL ? xed to its rotor. This rotates within the veloped a groundbreaking ROV and as the largest – that show a signi? cant stator arrangement of magnetic ? ux.

The housing remains ? xed to its plat- associated ROV Navigation solution. increase in reliability.

Also specializing in acoustic marking Copenhagen Subsea A/S was founded form on the subsea vehicle. The propel- and relocation systems, diver naviga- in 2014 and develops and manufactures ler – the only moving part in the rim- tion and more. As a leader in acoustic electrical rim-driven thrusters for the driven thruster rotates within the nozzle, marking and relocation systems, diver most commonly used subsea vehicles eliminating the need for a drive shaft navigation, sonar underwater communi- in the marine industry. In a 10.000-liter and hub. The technology of the elec- trical rim-driven thruster not only im- cations and small boat navigation, RJE test-tank located on the premises in Hel- proves reliability it also makes the rim-

International Inc continues to provide lerup just north of Copenhagen, Copen- a wide range of excellent products for hagen Subsea A/S performs continuous driven thruster the right green choice eg. the commercial and military markets, testing of its thrusters. 1,000 hours of due to the acoustic pro? le. Our innova- tive electrical design has no gears, only as well as for divers, worldwide. As a operating time, in fact, comprise 42 days manufacturer of sonar beacons, diver during which the thruster operates 24/7 one moving part and bearings that make navigation, diver sonar and underwater at maximum power. During this period, use of the surrounding seawater for lu- relocation products, RJE International the thruster is constantly monitored for brication.

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