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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Voices: Dr. Catherine Warner, Director, CMRE conduct the actual experimental and developmental part, to was needed, and MUSCLE was able to say, “Hey, Efolaga! validate the concepts. We’ve developed new arrays; we’ve de- I’m MUSCLE. Can you go take a look at this picture?” And it veloped new algorithms for processing them; we have the new worked.

JANUS communications protocol so they can communicate with each other and back to the mother ship. We will be doing What can you tell us about LOON, the underwa- some extensive trials here in the Gulf of La Spezia, looking at ter network you have out here in the bay? What some of the new pieces that we have in place this year. Then, is it? How does it work?

hopefully, we can integrate our experimentation into one of It doesn’t look fancy. It’s basically a bunch of tripods these major NATO exercises, such as the Dynamic Mongoose that sit on the bottom, but they have acoustic sensors on them.


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