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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Aasman Boot Lundquist

MacPherson Manley Maslin

HydroComp’s Technical Director, where

Aasman Mulligan he oversees all software development and

Jans Aasman is a Ph.D. psychologist, engineering services. A graduate of Webb expert in Cognitive Science and CEO of

Institute, he is a Fellow of SNAME and

Franz Inc., an early innovator in Arti? cial member of its Propulsion Hydrodynamics

Intelligence and provider of AllegroGraph,


the leading Semantic Graph Database.



Justin Manley is a technologist and

Kelvin Boot is a Science Communicator executive with experience in startups, working with the project; he can be corporations, academia, and government. contacted at

At Just Innovation Inc. he supports clients with a focus on unmanned systems.



Edward Lundquist is a retired U.S. Navy


Tom Mulligan graducated from Trinity captain who write frequently for Marine

Elaine Maslin is an offshore upstream and

College Dublin in 1979, with a BA Hons

Technology Reporter. He travelled to La renewables focused journalist, based in

Degree in Natural Sciences (Chemistry).

Spezia, Italy to report this story.

Scotland, covering technologies, from well

In 1986 he obtained a Masters Degree in intervention and asset integrity to subsea

Industrial Chemistry in 1988. Today he is

MacPherson robotics and wave energy.

Marine Technology Reporters science and

Donald MacPherson, a leading specialist in propulsion system simulation, is technology writer based in Dublin.

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