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ROUNDTABLE Subsea Defense emerging technologies, regardless of the cialized training for operators that has igation package, the vehicle can mark developer. This a powerful concept for traditionally been required to feld ro- and navigate very accurately to known the defense industry. Greensea special- botics for military applications. points repeatedly.

izes in technology that improves the way Lastly, we focus heavily on the inter- operators work with robotics. There are face the operator has to communicate Rodocker, Stratgic Robotics many application areas where robotics with the robot. Like our own relation- FUSION is a completely different ap- could solve tremendous problems, al- ships, the relationship an operator has proach to UUVs and there are so many lowing our soldiers to be more effective with a robot comes down to communi- attributes that make a difference. Whats and stay safe. Some of these most criti- cation. If he cannot communicate ef- sets FUSION apart starts with the incred- cal application areas cannot realize the fectively the relationship is doomed. ible attention to detail and thought that full potential of robotics until specifc An operator needs to pass high-level has gone into every aspect of the system. technical problems are solved. These instructions, receive concise and mean- FUSION is built around specifc sensors are typically navigation and localiza- ingful status, and execute quick accurate that are more tightly integrated through tion challenges or control and autonomy decision making. This comes down to strategic industry partnerships. The user problems. Often, the challenges could the interface we provide for him to use. interface is recognized as the best in the simply be the communication interface To provide effective technology solu- industry. Completely battery powered the operator is using to work with the tions to the warfghter, we have to listen system that doesn’t require a generator robot. Greensea’s technical products carefully and then respond. OPENSEA and has a very minimal footprint require- for the military provide novel solutions provides us the ability to iterate on user ment. The automation system is more to these challenges. Our navigation interfaces quickly to fnd the best solu- stable, more precise and more intuitive. technology optimizes the Size, Weight, tion for our operators. We listen closely FUSION is both a ROV and an AUV.

Power, and Cost (SWaP-C) equation to to what operators are telling us, and iter- And to top it off the complete package is provide exceptionally accurate naviga- ate until we get it right. This is the secret lower cost than our competitors.

tion and localization solutions for con- sauce and it is catching on the defense strained systems and CONOPS. A good sector. Kenney, L3Harris example of this is our hull relative navi- The Iver4 carries the highest perform- gation solution we are developing with Gibson, VideoRay ing navigation and imaging sensors support from the US Navy Offce of Na- Power and Control are probably the available, while using swappable battery val Research. This is an open architec- two most important attributes of the chemistries that meet fexible mission ture navigation solution to provide 15cm Defender. The Defender vehicle can needs. The clean power architecture and positional accuracy for a miniature au- lift more than 20 pounds of additional signature mapping of the UUV ensure tonomous robot crawling on a ship hull. payload while maintaining stable fight. that the highest quality data is produced

Our control and autonomy technology This power expands operational win- from the onboard imaging sensors. The specifcally addressed the work-relation- dows in high current or tidal areas where unique, wet-mateable sections allow ship of operators and robots. This tech- traditional ROVs struggle. The Defender payload changes in the feld that also nology provides robots with a high-level can fy in pitch, which, for many de- ease commercial and military transport. of control so that operators can have a fense customers, is a huge advantage. The Iver4 provides an open interface and smarter machine coworker. Moving When you combine superior power with optional payload section for third party more self-reliance, autonomy, and task- Greensea’s OPENSEA control system, sensor providers to integrate their own ing capability to the robot frees the op- the operator can add unique payloads hardware and software. Titanium and erator to be a Subject Matter Expert and without needing to ballast or confgure carbon fber construction maximizes the conduct his job safely and effectively the vehicle for operation. The result is a useable volume in the pressure hull and without having to be a robot operations powerful, fexible solution that a Navy decreases maintenance requirements specialist. This technology helps teams can deploy as the operational environ- when operating in harsh, open ocean en- stay agile and helps minimize the spe- ment dictates. When ftted with the Nav- vironments.

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