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June 2020

Volume 63 • Number 5


On the Cover (Credit: General Dynamics Mission

Systems Bluefn Robotics)

Royal Australian Navy’s SEA 1778

Phase I deployable mine warfare system uses the General Dynamics Mission

Systems Bluefn Robotics Bluefn-9 and Bluefn-12 unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) with Sonardyne Solstice multi-aperture sonar to fnd mines.

See story starting on page 18.

14 Renewable Energy A new role for service providers amidst energy upheaval

By William Hill, GAC Energy Hunting Mines 18 Down Under Driven by the need to organically protect maritime Task Groups from the threat of sea mines, 18 the Royal Australian Navy is introducing a deployable Mine

Counter-Measures (MCM) capability under the frst phase of

Project SEA 1778.

By Edward Lundquist 28 Great Lakes

Monitoring Accurate real-time wave data is crucial for the safety of ships and boats throughout the Great Lakes. Autonomous ANTX 34 Geophysical seismic surveys and port security have more in common than you may think.

By Elaine Maslin 28

Seaview Systems Rotinor 40 Hydrographic Survey Using high resolution 3D meshes for improved shape reconstruction of marine survey data.

By Danny Neville, QPS 34 4 Editor’s Note 6 Authors & Contributors 46 Academia Updates 58 Tech Files: New Products 60 People & Company News 63 Classifed 64 Advertisers Index

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