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Teledyne Lumenera’s Lt Series Cam- eras offer a smaller, lighter, and lower cost imaging solution and are designed specifcally to meet the challenges of today’s modern imaging systems that strive to provide advanced vision

MetOcean performance while using less power,

MetOcean Telematics will supply less space, and ftting increasingly tight the Royal Navy with its new Maritime industry budgets.

Acoustic Scoring and Simulation Sys- tem (MASS), an over-the-horizon Naval

Arctic Rays

Surface Fire Support (NSFS) and Naval

RS Aqua

Gunfre Scoring and Simulation (NGSS) system which is designed to eliminate

Arctic Rays the need for land bombardment ranges

Arctic Rays released a high torque ver- and the necessity to destroy physical sion of its miniature Hammerhead pan targets on land or at sea. The free-foat- and tilt for use on multiple platforms, ing system consists of a set of operation including ROVs, HOVs, ASVs, land- buoys, which report acoustic event data, ers and fxed platforms. In addition, the point of impact, and precise time. standard 316 SS unit can be supplied in 6061 Aluminum for weight critical applications. The original Hammer-

TE Connectivity head and the new Hammerhead XT are SEACON product lines from TE Con- both available as single axis rotators. nectivity (TE) are now available from

The new Hammerhead XT provides a TTI, Inc. Used extensively in the global rated torque of 13.6 N-m (10 ft-lbs) in a oil and gas industries, the SEACON

RS Aqua launched its next generation compact envelope measuring only 6.59” series of connectors includes electrical

WaveRadar, the WaveRadar REX2. In (167mm) tall x 5.02” (128mm) wide x dry-mate, optical hybrid dry-mate, elec- been in development for several years, 2.5” (64mm) deep. trical underwater mateable, electrical the WaveRadar REX2 is half the size wet-mate, optical underwater mateable and weight of the legacy REX, consum- connectors, downhole, feld install- ing 10 times less power while offering a

Teledyne Lumenera able, underwater switches, penetrators 25% greater range and still maintaining

Teledyne Lumenera expands its Lt Se- and specialty products. The advantages its accuracy.

ries camera portfolio with new compact of this strategic distribution partner-

The WaveRadar REX2 is powered by a and lightweight USB3 cameras for use ship include the speed of the ordering new Emerson microwave sensor, using in diverse imaging applications.

process, shorter lead times and the ad- the same Frequency Modulated Con-

Equipped with the latest rolling shut- ditional fexibility to purchase in small tinuous Wave (FMCW) measurement ter Starvis CMOS sensors and global quantities. TE’s SEACON products are technique that has been used by the shutter Pregius CMOS sensors from stocked at various TTI locations in the

WaveRadar REX over the past 20 years.

Sony, and ranging in resolution from

U.S., EMEA and Asia.

This new higher frequency sampling 2-20 megapixels, these new cameras

TTI also stocks DEUTSCH connec- unit enables a greater measurement perform in a wide variety of imaging tors, Raychem wire and cable products, range of up to 80 m, and the same high applications such as aerial imaging, In-

AMP products and TE sensors.

accuracy over this distance (3 - 6 mm, telligent Traffc Systems (ITS), robotic dependent on range).

inspection solutions, and life sciences.

Every WaveRadar REX2 will be supplied with a new software package called WaveConfgurator, enabling sys- tem set up and diagnostic monitoring by end users in the feld. Unlike its prede- cessor, the WaveRadar REX2 incorpo- rates an LCD screen for instantaneous sensor measurement display.

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