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Leading O?

Innovative products, technologies, concepts & people waters in a marine protected area of the ing underwater structure that garners for achievements in underwater living,

Caribbean Sea. the same passion for ocean exploration discovery and ocean cinematography,

PROTEUS’ strategic partners include as we have for space exploration. The including the ? rst underwater research

Northeastern University, Rutgers Uni- PROTEUS spiral architecture houses habitats built in 1962, by Jacques-Yves versity, as well as the Caribbean Re- social and work spaces as well as a Cousteau: Conshelf I, II and III, docu- search and Management of Biodiversity communication studio and a submers- mented in his Academy Award-winning (CARMABI). Other academic experts ible moonpool.” ? lm, Le Monde sans Soleil (World include University of Rhode Island’s PROTEUS builds off of the success of Without Sun) (1964).

Graduate School of Oceanography. The Mission 31 (2014), when Fabien Cous- Jean-Michel Cousteau, Fabien’s fa- initial concept design of PROTEUS is teau led ? ve aquanauts at Aquarius, a ther, an oceanographic explorer, envi- co-conceived by industrial designer, 400-sq. ft. station in the Florida Keys. ronmentalist, educator, and ? lm produc-

Yves Béhar and his ? rm fuseproject. There he set the (then) record for lon- er, supports the evolution of underwater “PROTEUS’s design intent is to offer gest amount of time living underwater exploration and research that PROTEUS an effective, comfortable and attractive of 31 days. will provide. facility for researchers, and an excit- The Cousteau family is well-known “As our life support system, the Ocean is indispensable to solving the planet’s biggest problems.”

Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau

Ocean Learning

Center (FCOLC)

Photo by Carrie Vonderhaar 10 September 2020

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