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Leading O?

Innovative products, technologies, concepts & people ocean ? shing for their livelihoods.

Collaborating for change

Grieg and WWF are launching a multi-

Spiten wouldn’t have it any other way.

faceted initiative where they will work

It’s rare to speak to someone that oozes this much ambition. She speaks with a with local partners, including port au- thorities and waste management ? rms, calm, focused manner that belies the ob- to map the waterborne pollution in three vious energy she possesses. A quick look through her CV reveals various business key harbor areas. Innovation projects to founder and board roles – including a address the issue will then be initiated, again with local involvement, while ed- position as a co-Captain of Enterpre- neurShipOne, an organization working ucation campaigns will engage the busi- nesses that are seen to have an impact on to tackle ocean challenges through col- localized plastic pollution.

laboration and innovation – and an ad- “It’s about taking responsibility for the visor job with Rev Ocean, Norwegian future as well as addressing the issues billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke’s not-for- today,” Spiten comments. “We need a pro? t research organization.

“This is what I love doing, working behavioral change to engender an envi- with the ocean” she states. “And if I can ronmental one.”

The activity will be supported by a na- help affect positive change then it’s the tional TV fundraising campaign in Nor- ultimate win-win.”

And it looks like she’s already scored way, which aims to raise enough money to improve waste management systems some double victories.

Spiten’s chief responsibility is to work for around one million people in The with the corporate sector to help bring Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and about transformation in how business Thailand, while also reducing annual addresses the use (and ownership) of plastic pollution ? owing into the sea by and young people interested in careers approximately 7,000 tonnes a year.

plastics, helping enable a more circu- in the ocean space discovering not only

The Grieg collaboration, meanwhile, opportunities, but also seeing where the lar economy and drastically reducing waste. Her remit ranges from engaging has set its sights on a reduction of 50% industry needs help – where they might with FMCG ? rms through to political in waterborne plastic waste across its be able to deliver with unique talent initiatives and collaborations. With her three target areas.

and ideas, for example in the area of “We have to be positive when we look established business network and pro- sustainability.

? le through Blueye, the maritime sector to future goals,” Spiten smiles. “Ambi- “Shipping can’t stand still in a world is an obvious area of focus. And initial tion is a good thing to have!” of change,” she surmises. “It needs to success.

evolve in line with growing challenges, “I was delighted to announce our col-

Platform for progress opportunities and awareness. Arenas laboration with the Grieg Foundation

The future is a theme the WWF advisor like Nor-Shipping have a role to play in earlier this year,” she notes. “That’s a frequently returns to. She sees a clear that process.” clear example of how we can work to- need for the maritime business to engage Spiten is pleased to hear that the next gether with industry on a solutions-ori- with and nurture the next generation of Nor-Shipping, taking place in Lillestrøm entated approach – utilizing commercial ocean space enthusiasts – bringing in and at a variety of venues across nearby expertise and assets to deliver on envi- fresh perspectives and innovation, while Oslo from 1-4 June 2021, is focused ronmental objectives.” tapping into their passion and energy. on #ACTION. Because, she stresses in “We need more platforms like Nor- conclusion, that’s what the ocean des-

Shipping for example,” she explains. perately needs.

Local impact

The two partners have set their sights “At Nor-Shipping you have an arena “Environmental awareness is grow- on the Philippines – both home to the whereby start-up companies – like Blu- ing and many businesses have adopted majority of Grieg Group’s seafarers eye was – have an opportunity to build positive approaches with regards to, for and, sadly, a major ocean polluter. The networks and communicate concepts to example, the UN Sustainability Goals. sprawling archipelagic nation is the industry leaders. It’s a place where in- But the world needs more than positive world’s third most plastic-polluting novation meets established players, and sentiments, it needs solutions to its chal- that is vital for overall maritime devel- lenges. We need transformation.

country, after China and Indonesia, de- spite the fact that around half of its 100 opment. “A new approach to plastic is central to “At the same time you have students that. It really is time for action. Now.” million strong population depend on 14 September 2020

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