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Below The Surface

Is What Matters

Under the surface of the water, the results from our

ROV VR VROV calculations and knowledge are hard at work.

HydroComp connects your ingenuity with improved outcomes: > Thruster Design > Vehicle Hydrodynamics > Propulsion Energy Budget >

Performance Improvements > Silencing Propeller Noise

Let us expand your sea of opportunities by providing design software and services for your team!

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KATFISH ® ® ® ®

NavCad PropElements PropCad PropExpertL L L

The Kraken towed KATFISH being

Your Ideas. Our Tools.

deployed from NOAA Ship Okeanos


Image courtesy of the NOAA Of? ce of Ocean Explo- ration and Research, Windows to the Deep 2019


Gliders ready for deployment July 2018.


Photo: NOAA


Introducing the Iver4 580

Built with proven Iver4 next-generation technology, the

Iver4 580 features a full suite of sensors in a portable size and small mission footprint. This

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) also features sealed, hot-swappable battery sections that can be changed in the ?eld without special tools for minimal mission downtime.

To learn more, contact the

Iver Sales Team:

[email protected] +1 (508) 678-0550 37

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