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Panther Wins GOM Pipeline Inspection Deal

ACSM chose an electric Saab Seaeye savings come from deploying the 700 steadiness and agility needed to con-

Panther XT robotic vehicle for pipeline kg Panther system. tinue working even in strong currents. inspection in the Gulf of Mexico. The Rated for 1000 m, Panther’s can The ACSM Panther XT is ? tted with

Panther inspected 261 pipelines total- accommodate a wide range of tooling a Kongsberg HDTV camera, Norbit ling 2,340 km in four ? elds in the Gulf with a ‘plug and go’ simplicity that Dual Head MBES, ROVINS INS, of Mexico (GOM), at depths ranging makes it easy to change, maintain and Tritech Super SeaKing sonar, Blueview from 15 to 130 metres, in a less than 10 repair systems. multibeam sonar, Teledyne Navigator month project duration. The ROV’s thruster power can handle DVL, TSS 440 pipe tracking system,

ACSM, a maritime, survey and ROV the large array of equipment needed CTD, Laser Line, CP and ? ve-function services operator, said that considerable for full survey work - and provide the manipulators and booms.

Riser Cleaning Technology

Welaptega innovated a cleaning system with our proven mooring rope clean- designed to safely and ef? ciently remove ing and inspection Rope Measurement marine growth from risers. System, the RCIS cleans and inspects the

Welaptega, owned by Ashtead Technol- surface of subsea tubular components such ogy, delivered the Riser/Rope Cleaning as ? exible risers, marine power cables, and Inspection System (RCIS) to Ocean umbilicals and ? bre/wire moorings.”

Installer AS for its inaugural deployment The RCIS frame is towed by an ROV at in May 2020. approximately 1m/s, ef? ciently cleaning

The project saw riser cleaning opera- both soft and hard marine growth. An op- tions carried out in Norwegian waters as tional module consisting of four cameras part of the Balder X project. performs a full 360-degree close visual

Tyler de Gier, GM, Welaptega, said inspection of the riser or rope surface.

“This project with Ocean Installer marks The RCIS, which can be used for un- the ? rst occasion that a RCIS has been manned operations, operates ef? ciently used in the ? eld. Building on the decades and requires no specialist offshore techni- of practical experience we have gleaned cians to operate.

Welaptega 56 September 2020

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