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New South African Navy Survey Boat

Paramount Maritime, a Paramount which having taken place within South

Group company, said it has launched Africa. The 11m length overall (LOA) the ? rst of three next-generation Survey Survey Motor Boat hosts two twin Volvo

Motor Boats (SMBs) to the South African Penta duo-prop propellers, providing for

Navy in continued support of its programs greater fuel ef? ciency and effective and to enhance the capabilities and infrastruc- predictable handling alongside a Volvo ture of the South African Navy Hydro- Penta D3 joystick helm control system. graphic Of? ce (SANHO). The vessel’s advanced survey equipment

In addition to the three Survey Motor includes Multi-Beam and Single-Beam

Boats to be delivered to the South African echo-sounders and Side-Scan Sonar and


Navy Hydrographic Of? ce (SANHO), this a Seabed Sampler to recover sample program also provides for the delivery of material from the sea-? oor and underlying

Birns Brochure a Hydrographic Survey Vessel and a Sea sub-strata for detailed analytical and test-

BIRNS, Inc. launched a

Boat as well as a third, fully operational ing purposes. new resource for the subsea inshore Survey Motor Boat, to remain The vessel capabilities allow for near- industry with its new BIRNS ashore and in reserve. Veecraft Marine, a shore shallow water surveys in depths of

Millennium Interconnect Bro- subsidiary of Paramount Maritime, had up to 300m. Training has additionally been chure. This detailed overview been tasked with the design and manu- provided for the Survey Motor Boat’s of the company’s 6km rated facture of the Survey Motor Boats, all of multifaceted survey systems.

BIRNS Millennium connector series and a wide range of rel- evant connectivity capabilities and options is expanded from its former revision of 18 pages to the new iteration of 49 pages. It includes interactive features like product selection and detailed part numbering guides, as well as con? gura- tion and speci? cation tools to walk the user through the selection and ordering process

Paramount Maritime

Submersible Monitoring System

Arctic Rays released a compact Submersible Monitoring System for use in 1 atmosphere pressure housings. While designed speci? cally for manned submersible battery pods and electronics housings where imme- diate detection of leaks is critical, the monitoring system is ideal for all applications. The 90.5mm x 51mm x 19mm single-board system monitors for ground faults, leaks and includes on-board barometric pressure, tem- perature, and humidity sensors. The ground fault system monitors both poles of 2 independent DC busses up to 350V. The leak detection system can monitor up to 8 independent locations with the included remote self- checking water detection probes. The system has two on-board con? gu- rable alarm relays. It is electrically isolated and has ethernet and RS232 communications.

Arctic Rays 59

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