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Ocean Observation Emily Penn’s eXXpedition

Emily Penn speaking at

Our Ocean Malta.

Photo: Our Ocean

While eXXpedition does a great job of is that we can only take 10 women at and to be able to get closer to solutions.” taking hundreds of women on its unique a time on the boat. So, the beauty of Even after the pandemic subsides, tech- and life-changing voyages, this experi- is that it takes it much fur- nology will be key to marine science and ence isn’t an easy opportunity for every- ther,” Penn explained. exploration, thanks to its ability to in- one—although the ability to help is still The SHiFT platform exempli? es the crease accessibility. “Certainly, projects as prevalent as ever. With the hope of role technology plays in science activ- like ours and others out there are taking getting back to sea next April, the team ism and outreach, especially during a exploration that was only available to has been processing scienti? c samples pandemic. With most expeditions can- professionals to now something that is a and promoting their most recent plastic celled for safety reasons, scienti? c re- lot more accessible to everyday people. pollution resource. Launched on World search has a large obstacle to overcome. I think that’s really important because

Oceans Day (June 8, 2020) the SHiFT However, Penn believes that despite the we realize more and more that it’s not

Platform employs technology to help uncertainty in the last six months, plan- just scientists that need to be explor- users identify their role in reducing plas- ning how to live with the virus is key, ing—we need storytellers and designers tic pollution despite there being so many since the climate crisis isn’t going away: and solutionists to be out there as well,” ways to do so. A partner project between “The ocean needs it. We’re still pollut- said Penn. On top of that, data collec-

Penn, eXXpedition and SAP, SHiFT. ing—there’s been a small pause in emis- tion, as Penn explains while referencing how helps navigate where to begin and sions, but everything else has been very her work with University of Georgia’s provides speci? c solutions. “One of much the same. So, I think we need to Marine Debris Tracker app, has become the limitations of eXXpedition, I think, get back out there, to continue science easier, more robust and has a lower 38 October 2020

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