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Seabed Imaging 3D reconstruction of whale carcass discovered by Biocam at the Darwin Mounds processing pipeline which provides expedition time-scale Mounds, a deep water Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the information that helps scientists know exactly where they North Atlantic’s Northern Rockall Trough, 160 km north west should go back to get better data, during the same expedition of the Scottish mainland. The area features ~100 m diameter – instead of such information emerging from the data months and 5 m high coral covered mounds in 710-1,029 m water or even years later, when it’s too late to do anything about it. depth. It was ? rst discovered by NOC scientists in 1998 and

A main driver for this capability has been to help gather the has been protected from bottom contact ? shing since 2003.

information needed to ef? ciently monitor seabed biology and Cold-water coral reefs are biological hotspots, providing ecosystems, such as the cold-water coral found at the Darwin rich habitats for diverse marine life. They are slow growing

BioCam system installation BioCam system installation on NOC Autosub6000on NOC Autosub6000

Photo: Sonardyne 46 October 2020

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