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Offshore Fish Farming

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Straits One with cage fully out of the water

All images courtesy of De Maas

Whereas De Maas’ bread and butter business concerns the

How did you became involved in this provision of engineering, quality supervision and project unique niche of the maritime industry.

Mark van Leeuwen and I founded De Maas in 2007 as an management services to a range of international clients in the oil and gas and renewable energy sector, offshore aqua- offshore oil and gas services company. Both Mark and my- self did our Master’s at Delft University of Technology in culture ? rst came on our radar in 2015 when we noticed a

The Netherlands. After a short while working in Europe we Norwegian salmon farmer building their ? rst offshore aqua- decided to go to China and, together with many colleagues, culture unit in China. This raised our interest and, after doing were part of building Yantai Raf? es Shipyard (today CIMC thorough international market research from both our of? ces in The Netherlands and China, we decided to start investing in

Raf? es) from 2001 to 2007, delivering many ? rst-off support the development of our own solutions.

vessels, offshore ? oating platforms and drilling rigs.

As most countries do not have a regulatory framework spe- 42 November/December 2020

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