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Offshore Fish Farming when developing the original concept.

What were the chief challenges of this

The location for the ? rst unit was selected by the owner and project?

operator, i.e. the farmer - the species farmed, Large Yellow

Out of the near endless list I’d say that the main challenge

Croaker, has speci? c needs in terms of environment and the was the fact that for every aspect of the project, the project was farmer considers the current location to be optimal. Tradition- a ? rst. Legislation, experience of stakeholders, organization, ally, nearshore farming of large yellow croaker takes place commercial set-up all had to be dealt with for the ? rst time with along the coast of Zhejiang and Fujian province. Waters fur- many stakeholders having different view and motivations. ther offshore, east and north east of that area are the ? sh’s original natural habitat. Albeit that the wild yellow croaker

Who were your key partners, with insights travels a lot more through the seasons - farmed yellow croaker on each expertise and deliverable.

over the years has adapted to a certain range of conditions.

As provider of engineering our main partner has been ABS.

Storm Draft -

Straits One with cage submerged

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