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July/August 2022

On the Cover

Volume 65 • Number 5

Kraken’s SeaPower batteries ? tted into

Ocean In? nity’s AUVs.

Image courtesy Kraken 8 XLUUV: Build it and they will Buy

Industry sees emerging opportunity in extra-large AUVs.

By David R. Strachan 12

U.S. Navy Builds a USV Fleet

The U.S. Navy established an unmanned surface vessel ? eet for persistent ISR in the Middle East.


By Edward Lundquist 24 Send ROVer Over

A new generation of subsea robotics aims to help solve environmental woes.

By Celia Konowe “Stop, Listen, Think” 28

Following his NOAA career, Shepard Smith tackles new challenges as CTO at XOcean.

By Greg Trauthwein 34 AUV Power Play

Choice of power sources for AUVs are growing exponentially.

By Elaine Maslin USVs & Port Security 46

Leveraging unmanned surface 28 vessels to enhance port and

XOcean David Resnick/U.S. Army harbor security.

By George Galdorisi 4 Editor’s Note 6 Authors 16 Markets Marine Minerals 18 Case Study Autonaut 22 Case Study ROVs 54 Interview Richard Bourque, C-Innovation 50 Vessels 63 Discovery Inside the Tonga Eruption 58 Tech Files 60 People & Companies 62 The Final Word 63 Classi? ed 64 Advertisers Index 34


July/August 2022

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