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Innovative new vessels, technologies and concepts range and endurance, as well as active stabilizers to minimize “Investments in the offshore energy sector are growing at roll. The new design has 12m and 15m variants, with the 12m a massive rate. The Argeo Argus is a major breakthrough in version transportable in a standard shipping container for rap- commercial uncrewed solutions for the offshore energy sec- id, low-cost deployment. tor,” said Trond Crantz, CEO, Argeo. “We believe Argeo Ar-

Both variants can be davit launched. gus is the perfect match for developers in this market segment.

The H-class USV can accommodate a range of sensors as The demand for mapping & inspection services is increasing well as deploy a tow cage, SVP, MAPR, CTD and side scan and we expect that offshore wind will be an important busi- sonar for deep-water and nearshore bathymetric and hydro- ness segment for years to come.” graphic survey missions. The vessel includes a Multibeam Argeo, and many others across the offshore energy sector,

Echo Sounder (MBES), station holding and winch-deployed are banking on continued vibrant activity and outlook for the sensor payloads for versatile ocean survey capability. offshore wind market. “Yearly global spending on offshore

SEA-KIT’s H-class USV is designed to MCA Category 0 wind will double to more than $100 billion in 2030. The de- for extended, over-the-horizon capability and will hold Un- mand for accurate mapping the oceans, will increase rapidly. manned Marine Systems (UMS) certi? cation from Lloyd’s Argeo Argus uses state-of-the-art sensors and robotics which

Register as well as Lloyd’s Register approval for design and gives the best possible data resolution in the market today,” hull construction. said Crantz.

Argeo Argus is a multi-purpose uncrewed vehicle for off-

Argeo Argus Launched shore and coastal applications, designed to offer a stable, low

Argeo launched its ? rst uncrewed, remotely supervised sur- emission hybrid platform equipped with advanced navigation, vey and inspection vehicle dubbed Argeo Argus. The Argus supervision, and hydrographic and geophysical technology.

USV (Uncrewed Surface Vehicle) will conduct mapping and It was built at Maritime Robotics in Trondheim, Norway, inspection services using robotics and autonomous ocean in close collaboration with Argeo. Argeo currently owns and space technology for offshore and energy projects in water operates four AUV’s, two Hugin AUV’s (Autonomous Under- depths from 2 to 200 meters. water Vehicle) and two Sea Raptor AUV’s.

S S S S SE S A-KIT unveiled a new w

U USV design that fo- c cuses on hydrography a and environmental data c collection.

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