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© EOMAP 3D visualization by SDB-Online of coastal area in northern

Canada - © EOMAP

Shallow Water Survey from Space

SDB-Online is the new cloud-based WebApp to create high- resolution bathymetric grids for shallow waters. This builds on

EOMAP’s experience in Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB).

With SDB-Online, coastal engineers, surveyors, modellers or scientists can create high-res bathymetry grids 24/7, from the comfort of their desks. “Experts managing or studying coastal shallow waters will experience an incredible time and infor- mation gain: Within minutes they can trigger automated pro- cessing routines and receive high-res bathymetry data for their projects“, said Mona Reithmeier, SDB-Online manager and

SDB expert at EOMAP. EOMAP’s SDB allows users to cal- culate water depth data by inverting sunlight’s way through at- mosphere and water, harnessing multispectral satellite imagery.

On SDB-Online, this complex process is now running auto- matically – basically in four steps: Once the user has accessed

SDB-Online via their browser, they de? ne an area of interest anywhere on Earth using the map. A – manual or AI trained – image selection process starts and is linked to satellite data archives of the European Space Agency (ESA). Following that, the physics based SDB analysis creates the gridded bathymetry surface that align with ISO and OGC standards. As an option,

QAQC processes by EOMAP’s data analysts or sea? oor clas- si? cation can be added.

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Ocean Lander


Mona Reithmeier, SDB-Online Manager, EO Data Analyst, [email protected]



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