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Galdorisi Alisjahbana Hardy Konowe

Lundquist Maslin Strachan the Chilean dives of the Atacama Trench.

Alisjahbana Maslin

Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana is an Under- Elaine Maslin is an offshore upstream and


Secretary-General of the United Nations renewables focused journalist, based in

Celia Konowe is a college senior from and Executive Secretary of the Economic Scotland, covering technologies, from well

Reston, Virginia, majoring in environmental and Social Commission for Asia and the intervention to subsea robotics.

studies at the University of Rochester with

Paci? c (ESCAP).

study abroad experience in France and


Ecuador, including the Universidad de

Galdorisi David R. Strachan is a defense analyst

San Francisco Quito’s GAIAS (Galápagos

George Galdorisi is Director of Strategic and founder of Strikepod Systems, a

Institute for the Arts and Sciences)

Assessments for the Naval Information research and strategic advisory focusing on program. In fall 2022, she will commence

Warfare Center Paci? c. He enjoys writing, autonomous undersea systems.

her master of environmental studies degree especially speculative ? ction about the at Dalhousie University.

future of warfare. He is the author of ? fteen books, including four New York Times

Lundquist bestsellers.

Edward Lundquist is a retired naval of? cer who writes on naval, maritime,


Kevin Hardy founded Global Ocean Design defense and security issues. He is a regular contributor to Maritime Reporter & after a career at the Scripps Institution of

Engineering News and Marine Technology

Oceanography. He built the landers for the


DEEPSEA CHALLENGE Expedition, and 6 July/August 2022

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