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CEO IN FOCUS CARL TROWELL, ACTEON “There’s going to be more infrastructure going into the sea in the next decade from offshore wind than went in throughout the whole lifetime of oil and gas. If you just look at the number of units, the number of installations, when you start moving to ? oating wind, it’s going to be off the scale of the number of moorings. We’re at the beginning of what will be a mega cycle of investment.”

Watch the interview on ~ Carl Trowell, CEO, Acteon Group the renewables market. We’ve been doing this for years in the

When you look at the industries you serve, what deep water for oil and gas, but we’ve particularly developed a do you consider to be the key technologies that are new product for the renewables market.

central to your future?

I’ll pick three to emphasize. One of our divisions special- The third are where we are putting a lot of time and effort izes in survey work, both ahead of installation of in-sea infra- into is new foundation technologies and techniques, particu- structure and then post installation for ongoing integrity and larly, again, for renewables. We’re taking techniques that have inspection monitoring; that technology is an area that we are been developed in the oil and gas world and now applying going to emphasize going forward, as there’s going to be such them as the offshore wind market begins to move away from a huge amount of infrastructure going in the sea over the next areas where it’s easy to just put in simple monopiles to where few years. Where we see real technological advancement is you’re going to have to do more complex foundations, hard in putting sensor packages on autonomous vehicles, surface rock, dif? cult substrates. But also the fact that the turbines are or subsurface. just getting bigger and bigger, which means the foundations

Another area where we’re putting a lot of innovation is are getting more challenging.

around geotechnical site investigation, particularly with the

Can you point to one technology, one capability building need for the installation of big offshore wind farms where you sit back as a CEO and just think, “wow, where the foundations are getting more complicated. So rock we actually do that?

soil parameters are important, and to give you one example, we’ve developed a new remotely operated sea ? oor drill spe- Our ability to engineer and store complex foundations would ci? cally for shallow water, unconsolidated sands relevant to have been what I picked until a few weeks ago, but then I 14 November/December 2022

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