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-Operating costs getting you down? Burn less fuel and arrive sooner with Decca Electronic Steering Every mickle makes a muckle:* Every rudder movement makes more drag. Insidiously, cumulatively, continuously, Through the hours and days, Rudder movements cost fuel and time. As much as 3%. On the rivers, the lakes and the oceans, Whether you are maneuvering or navigating, Decca Electronic Steering Means fewer rudder movements. Steering in confined waters is computer aided: Perfect maneuvers and course changes, No overshoot, no corrections. Decca Electronic Steering gives the helmsman: A sensitive heading reference Precise positive rudder control Optimum automatic steering. However difficult the vessel. Whatever the conditions. THE DECCA SIRIUS GYRO The Sirius Gyro is a compact ? no gyro room needed ? electronic solid state unilj of unrivalled accuracy and stability at a new low price. Sirius is so sensitive that its large scale repeater makes a first class rate of swing indicator for tankers and tows. Your helmsman or your Arkas pilot will hold a straighter course with the Sirius Gyro. THE DECCA ARKAS PILOT Arkas pilots comprise a range of all solid state models for use with gyro and or magnetic compass. Each model has four steering modes including full follow-up electronic steering. The compass model includes a first class certified 8" steering compass. Models are available for supertankers to yachts and for any steering gear. *For full information on mickles and muckles write: DECCA RADAR Dept. A 386 Park Avenue South, New York, N. Y. 10016 Tel.: 212/685-5157 January 1, 1969 7

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